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We strive for immaculate craftsmanship, excellence, quality, and precision in every vehicle we build, detail, accessorize or restore. Whether it’s a complex and lengthy auto-repairing job, minor vehicle restoration or extensive detailing services, you can count on WAO Garage. We are your one-stop automotive specialist garage providing the following services through our extensive automotive portfolio.

Maintenance, Auto Services, and Inspection

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From complex automotive repairs to minor vehicle repair and inspection services, you can count on WAO Garage to deliver the best.  We are your complete automotive solutions specialists. From general automotive repairs to restoration work, WAO Garage is the only shop to call to make your vehicle look and run like new. Backed by decades of experience and precision, our expert personnel and automotive professionals are always there to assist you in maintenance, complete auto services, and inspection protocols.

Fleet Services

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When it comes to fleet maintenance and management, we promise to deliver exceptional services providing seamless vehicle performances. WAO Garage has well-experienced mechanics to help your fleet keep moving. We can take care of any of your maintenance needs for your fleet. If you’re looking to have a full seasonal workup, then call for an appointment.


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We have established mechanics, electricians, and body-work specialists in the art of car and vehicle restoration. We preserve and care for our client’s vehicles as they are our own by providing comprehensive auto-restoration services. We are established professionals in the art of vehicle and automotive restoration. We make your vehicles look brand new with the help of our automotive repair services. Backed by decades of experience, our restorative experts can handle all kinds of cars and the most challenging repair projects.

Tires and Wheel Services

If you don’t regularly inspect and service your tires, you may experience a blowout, a flat, or worse. WAO Garage has the right tires for your vehicle and offers services you need to keep your tires in good working order. Our certified technicians will inspect your tires, perform a tire repair, or replace them entirely. From the latest and the best tire technology, wheels, and custom tires, we at WAO Garage provide one of the best services in the area to keep your cars running effortlessly. Our specialists will help you pick the wheels and tires that are right for your vehicles.

Wrapping Services

(COMING 2022!)

Wrap your vehicles with WAO Garage wrapping services – Once your vehicle has been wrapped, the paintwork underneath is protected from the elements, stone chips and light scrapes. If part of the wrapping becomes damaged, it can be re-wrapped to an exact color match. Something trial and error when it comes to respraying paint. Also, if you change your company logo, branding or just fancy a different color, the wrapping can be removed within a few hours. We have a team of skilled car wrappers which have been working in the wrap industry for quite some time.  Our custom wraps can transform your vehicle and enhance its overall looks. We provide a variety of high quality 3M brand vinyl wraps..

Window Tinting

What you drive is highly personal, based on a unique combination of wants and needs. We believe customizing your car should enhance this feeling, not compromise it. This is why we offer only 3M brand window film. 3M is a premium product with a limited life time warranty. Choose from our carbon to our luxury ceramic film. Get ready to find your ideal automotive film: a luxurious look, practical features, or both. Window tinting is a cost-effective solution to keep the heat out of your vehicle while giving it a cool and premium look.

Auto-Detailing and Ceramic Coating

Our ceramic coating and auto detailing services offer better protection and that “perfect look” for your vehicle. All our ceramic coating and paint correcting services are done by factory trained professionals. We only use Ceramic Pro brand and the highest quality paint correcting products. Paint correction and ceramic coating process requires skills and a subtle approach to details. Our multi-stage paint correction involves washing the vehicle, claying, buffing and keeping it pristine while applying the coating, and our garage is well equipped to provide professional applications.