Window Tinting

What you drive is highly personal, based on a unique combination of wants and needs. We believe customizing your car should enhance this feeling, not compromise it. This is why we offer only 3M brand window film. 3M is a premium product with a limited lifetime warranty. Choose from our carbon to our luxury ceramic film. Get ready to find your ideal automotive film: a luxurious look, practical features, or both. Window tinting is a cost-effective solution to keep the heat out of your vehicle while giving it a cool and premium look.


Window Film Warranty

All film installations are backed by out hassle-free customer satisfaction
policy the assure all the reasonable measure will be taken to meet
customers satisfaction.

The warranty is through 3M.  It is a Nationwide lifetime warranty
that covers any film defects for as long as the customer owns the
vehicle and can be redeemed at ANY 3m location in the country. It
does not cover scratches.


Warranty is through 3M-12 year warranty on labor and material
– Covers any film defects such as cracking, crazing, peeling,
delaminating, discoloration bubbling etc.
– Glass breakage (60 months)


– Warranty is through 3M- lifetime warranty for original purchaser
of the film (non transferrable)
– Covers any film defects such as cracking, crazing, peeling,
delaminating, discoloration bubbling etc.
– Glass breakage (60 months) & Seal Failure (40 months)


3M the company
– Received the first patented for window film in 1966

– The Only 100% American Made film and only brand that
manufactures all parts of their film. Majority of film companies
purchase the polyester from a manufacture from a different

Automotive Film
– Reduce harmful cancer causing UV rays up to 99%
– Protect the interior from fading
– Reduce the amount of glare
– Improve ascetics of vehicle
– Reduce heat (lessen the load on your AC)
– Prevent windows from shattering
– Provide privacy

Type of Films We Carry
– 99% UV protection
– Available in shades 50%-5%
– Heat rejection is about 30-35%. ( for all of the films,
take the definite numbers/average from 3M

Ceramic IR
– 99% UV Protection
– Available 70%-5%
– Heat rejection is about 70%

– 99% UV Protection
– Available 70%-20%
– Heat rejection is about 95%

 NC & VA Window Tint Law

Residential/Commercial Films
– Heat rejections
– Reduce glare
– Protect flooring and furniture from fading
– Privacy
– Serves as an extra layer of security on windows

Types of films
There are many many different types/shades of residential films. Here are our most popular!
– 3M Night Vision
– 3M Neutral Series